Памет Apacer 32GB Handy Steno AH321 - USB 2.0 interface

8.00 лв

Код: AP32GAH321R-1

Гаранция: 24 мес.

Наличност: на склад

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Капацитет, MB: 32 768 MB
Скорост на четене, MB/s: Up to 10 MB/s
Скорост на запис, MB/s: Up to 8 MB/s
Интерфейс: USB 2.0 certified, backward compatible with USB 1.1 True "plug & play" supports hot swapping function
Х-ка 1: Operating Systems Supported: Windows 8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.4 or above & Linux Kernel 2.6.33 or above
Х-ка 2: The AH321 is a simple, stylish and compact USB Flash Drive, allowing you to carry your digital files easily and conveniently.
Х-ка 3: AH321's distinctive snap-cap design can easily solve the USB cap-lost problem.
Х-ка 4: Dimensions(LxWxH): 60.8 x 18.8 x 8 mm